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From managing worldwide government contracts and technical security services, to commercial and industrial installations and upgrades, Kuk Construction delivers top-quality service and performance.

With access to local competitive contractors, we can decrease project costs by providing local expertise. Kuk Construction is presently managing work up to $50 million a year per project, but, with our personalized service, we can scale our solutions to both large and small projects.

Providing focused, responsive and personalized customer service is the cornerstone of Kuk Construction's success. We develop cost-effective solutions to fit client-specific needs and pride ourselves in our efficient, high-quality work. A substantiated indicator of our outstanding performance is that our customers continue to give us additional work.

Other highlights of Kuk Construction's capabilities:

  • Overseas expertise having worked in more than 100 locations in 70 countries
  • Ability to perform on government contracts requiring work in secure areas
  • Continually exceeds performance expectations

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